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I truly believe that I offer something that no one else can- a shopping experience that is more like rummaging through your girlfriend’s closet than picking off a department store rack.  But don’t take my word for it.  Read what I did for a friend of mine- who has a personality to kill and desperately needed a wardrobe to match!






I am a stylist’s worst nightmare.  My “fashion sense,” if one can even call it that, can be summed up by three words: comfy, easy, and lazy.  Whereas the goal of my 20s was to shed enough weight to lose the sweatpants, the goal of my 30s is to figure out how to make cotton stretch pants work-acceptable.  When I walk into a store, I am immediately scanning for the cheapest, softest, most low-maintenance wares on display.  And I usually spend half my paycheck for them. 


This is not what you will experience at Love, Leeann.


Leeann is the type of woman who looks effortlessly chic.  You can picture her mingling with Hampton socialites just as easily as you can picture her sipping vodka martinis with Jay-Z in a Brooklyn speak easy.    And her shop is just as diverse.


To understand Love, Leeann picture visiting your own personal stylist, but more fun and much more personal.  It’s like a Brooklyn boutique without the Big Apple prices or the Soho judgment.  When Leeann looks you up and down after dressing you in a fabulous creation and mutters “I don’t love it” through her bright red lips, you trust her.  And you won’t even care because the next outfit will make you feel stunning and gorgeous and ready to face the world. 


When Leeann offered to show me what it is she does for her clients, I jumped on the opportunity.  Unlike the girl stocking racks at the department store, Leeann understands fashion.  She understands comfort.  And she believes in personal style.  As she handed me shirt upon shirt and dress upon dress to try on, it became clear that her store was abundant in comfortable, flattering, affordable clothes that made me look like the fashion-forward version of myself that I always knew was somewhere underneath mu go-to black spandex pants and comfortable H&M tops.  Because that’s what Leeann does.  She sees the best in you and helps you dress the part!




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