Packing Tips for Travel

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Packing for vacation can be extremely stressful. It's a constant struggle between wanting to fit everything in a carry-on, and wanting to pack your entire wardrobe just in case. You know you'll never wear those heels that have been sitting in the back of your closet for 6 months, but somehow they make their way into your luggage every time. This is one of the reasons my Style Boxes are so popular. They consist of everything you need for your getaway without having to overpack your bags! You can add your own items to the clothes we send, or dress head to toe in the best of Love, Leeann.

Today I'll be sharing some of my go-to tips that will make packing for your vacation easier (besides ordering a style box!)

1) Consider the Weather

Are you traveling to a warm sunny beach, or skiing in Vermont? Always choose appropriate clothing for the weather. Materials like faux fur or cozy cotton are perfect to pack for cooler weather (Here are some of my must haves). Our Beach and Pool collection is a must for warm weather. Items like these are perfect for lounging by the pool with a cocktail, lunch with the girls, and a night out!

2) Work or Play?

Are you going out of town for a business meeting or for a fun relaxing family retreat? Whatever the occasion is, make sure to pack items for those events first before you flood your luggage with the "maybe pile." Once you have the outfits selected that you know you need to wear, you can add whatever else makes you feel good.

3) Interchangeable Pieces

Choose a handful of interchangeable pieces that you can wear multiple times while you're away. Basics are essential! Never underestimate the power of a cute tee and the perfect pair of leggings. These pieces can be layered, dressed up and dressed down, saving you lots of space in your luggage.

4) Accessorize

Now that you have most of your bag packed, don't forget to add some bling to complete your outfit. Don't be too excessive with the accessories as they can add extra weight to your luggage. Choose a small selection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces that can help dress up or down the outfit combinations you already put together!

I hope these tips help make packing your next bag much easier! Remember you can always make life MUCH easier (and more stylish) and order our style boxes for any occasion!


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