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So many people think that fashion is an elite word that could not possibly apply to them.  It is as though celebrities, designers and models lie in a world of fashion, while the rest of us simply wear clothes.  This is such a myth.  Fashion is about expression, personal style, utility, comfort, and individuality.  Fashion is as unique as each of our thumbprints.  Why then, does fashion seem like such an abstract concept for so many people?  Because, as with most things, if you don’t have a strong foundation, it’s difficult to achieve.  

With summer well underway, there’s no time like the present to build the foundation for your summer wardrobe.  It always amazes me that when I suggest this to my girlfriends they seem to get frustrated, their eyes filling with dread as if to say they would rather chew off their own foot then have to survive a department store dressing room right before bikini season.  Shopping doesn’t need to be something we dread.  It should be something fabulous and fun and preferably done with a nice glass of pinot grigio in hand!  The important thing to remember is to maximize the pieces already in your wardrobe to work in various ways, with various other pieces.  The key to summer styling is looking haute for the heat.

Before you panic that you are going to need to go out and buy a new wardrobe for the summer, let me tell you that the two most important style picks for a summer wardrobe are a perfect pair of jeans and a sexy white v-neck tee.   Don’t worry about name brands or designer trends.  Find ones that make you feel confident, sexy, and playful and stick with it.  Pair this look with flip-flops or heels to make jeans or your tee work any time of day.

This next pick may bring you back to your school days: a crisp white Oxford button down shirt.  This white addition is like a blank canvas in your closet.  You can tuck it into your favorite jeans and add a statement necklace for a wow look.  Or you can wear it over your bathing suit for a Hamptons beach feel.  Errands in yoga pants may be frowned upon by anyone over 20 but add your oxford layered over your v-neck tee for a casual and edgy look to get you through aisle 7.

Summer is the time to head to the beach.  Whether you’re relaxing with a good book, meditating to the crash of the waves, or working on your tan the beach is the defining symbol of summer.  Therefore, summer fashion has to include some fabulous beach ware.   A light sarong can double as either a cover up or a colorful scarf to dress up (you guessed it) that ‘blank canvas’ white tee or oxford.    If sarongs are not your style, or if maybe you are lucky enough to spend so much time poolside that you need a second beach-inspired look, consider summer’s trendiest piece: the kimono.  Layer over your bathing suit or over your jeans and white tee.  This trend can be worn anytime with practically any outfit.

The season would not be stylish without the much-loved summer dress.  Mini to maxi, cotton to body con- summer calls for carefree chic.  Pick your favorite or two.  The change of a shoe, the addition of accessories and a red lip can turn any cotton day dress into a killer night look.  Again, don’t worry if you pick one up from the designer section of your favorite department store or on the corner boutique.  The important thing is that you love it and that you love yourself while you’re wearing it.  



The final summer must-have for your fashion foundation is the all-in-one jumpsuit.  It is a style that can be easily transitioned from day to night and for any occasion.  Summer is the time for fresh starts and carefree efforts.  While many shy away from the jumpsuit, summer is the time to try this trend and jump on the jumpsuit bandwagon.  


No matter what choices you make, your summer wardrobe should reflect your own personal style.  Fashion is whatever you make it.  Your choices should help you feel sexy and flirty during your fun in the sun and these wardrobe staples can help inspire your style from sand to street this summer.  

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