Giving Back

When Love, Leeann first started, I made a commitment to make my business more than just a boutique. Love, Leeann is an experience, and part of that experience is giving back to the community, and those in need.

Being able to give back to my community is my way of honoring my mother and the morals she instilled in me. She was the most philanthropic woman I've ever met, and being able to help those less fortunate through Love, Leeann is my dedication to her. Instead of marking down our items, Love, Leeann donates the merchandise to various charities and nonprofits. Some of the organizations we have been involved with in the past are the Abbot House, Operation Prom, Culture for One, Center for Discovery, Midnight Run, and the Houston Red Cross. By providing warmth, comfort, and style to our community, Love, Leeann is able to expand the reach that our clothing has to something bigger.